CPA Self Click 2024 Strategies: Unlocking Success


Let me reveal CPA Self Click 2024 Strategies to you if you want.

First, Let me show you my personal dashboard, so that you can see my earning as it grows day by day.

CPA Self Click 2024 Strategies

What if I tell you that I am using CPA self clicking method to generate all this money, would you believe me?

Well, that does not matter now, because this is a secrete that is not meant for every body.

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watching the video above, you can confirm the easy way to perform task on, in the video i focused on how to perform task and the offer converted multiple times.

What is Self Click in CPA Network

Self Click means performing CPA task without looking for traffic or audience that will do it for you. inside this method, You can actually do it yourself and earn a commission from it.

But you must provide all the information that is needed for that particular survey, so get ready because so many persons are interested to know more about this method without spending a $$.

If you continue reading this post, I will Unlock the Success in CPA Self Click

How To Get Offer 

To get the offer in CPA network that will convert is crucial, this will give you the foundation and hope that your task will be converted easily.

Let see how to get a good offer in cpagrip,

Do you remember that there are several ways to get offer? such as

  • Content Locker
  • URL / File Lockers

  • Video Lockers

  • My Offer
  • Top Performing Offers
  • Recently Added Offers

So I will discourse all the several ways to get offer before the end of this POST,  and Any other ways is not a valid means take note.

  • URL / File Lockers

The URL File Lockers is good if you want to lock a link or url that will lead some one to the main file that your audience needs.

  • Video Lockers

The video lockers is the easiest, if you want to lock a link of a video, in this way the video link that you locked will be available or accessible to the  audience who completed the task.

  • Content Locker

Content locker in CPAgrip is also very easy, with content locker you can lock your original content inside cpagrip then send the link of the locker to your audience and if they click on the link and complete survey the content that you lock will be open for them.

For Example:  Let say you have 50 million list of valid and verified emails from united state, and you want to give it out for free and at the same time make money from it.

Now, all you have to do is to go to cpagrip and create a content locker of that email list, a new link will be generated for you to share with your audience.

Once your audience click on the link and complete the survey, your money will be converted into your dashboard.

it is simple as that!

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  • My Offer

My Offer option is located under the Offer Tools Tab.

Once you are ready to make money online from home then try My offer Tab in, My Offer in cpagrip will give you the opportunity to take offer from offer tools in different country and share the link with your audience and run Facebook ads or Google Ads to direct traffic to the offer.

But if you know how to get free traffic just like me in Macro Hustle tv on YouTube then be rest assured that you can actually make money without spending a penny.

alternatively, you can also use the self click method that I will share with you in this Post to make money by your self while seating at home.

  • Top Performing Offers

Let talk about the top performing  offers in just a bit,

CPA Self Click 2024 Strategies Top offer

I am very happy when talking about this section in CPAgrip, Do you know why? It is because I make so much money from here even more than Content locker, Url file locker, or My offer.

Only the payout from top performing offer is BOMB! it gives higher conversion from the offer you complete.

As you can see clearly on the screenshot above, one offer will pay you $29.95 for just one lead. So completing this kind of offer a million times will make you a lot of money trust me!.

To get offer from Top Performing Offer, 

Scroll Down from the main Dashboard, You will see Top Performing Offer  tab and the list of different offers  with their payouts.

  • Recently Added Offers

In the Recently Added Offers, contain all the brand New Offers that are added to CPAgrip from the advertisers, in some cases the offer payout from this section is usually lower than the offer payout from the top performing offers.

CPA Self Click 2024 Strategies

To get offer from Recently Added Offers

Scroll Down from the main Dashboard, You will see Recently Added Offers  tab and the list of different offers  with their payouts.

The screen shot above shows the details of the Recently Added Offers from CPA grip.


How to Self Click CPA Offer

Step1:  Create a Content Locker or Pick any offer of your choice that you want to complete the survey.

CPA Self Click 2024 Strategies


CPA Self Click 2024 Strategies


CPA Self Click 2024 Strategies

In my next Post I will show you How to create content locker 

Step2: Copy the link of the content locker that you have created or the offer link that you want to complete the survey

Step3: Create a landing page with the offer link you just copied above,

How To Create a CPA Landing Page

You can create landing page using Google site it is simple and very easy to use for complete beginners.

According to Macro Hustle Tv on YouTube, You have to click on the Big Plus Sign (+) to create  a landing page


Now, on the above screenshot you can start designing your landing page as you want it, by dragging and dropping element from the side bar.

after you are done, copy the link of the offer and paste inside your landing page and insert link or hyperlink it.

You can do this over and over again for multiple offer in one landing page.

Conclusion On CPA Self Click 2024 Strategies

when I started affiliate and CPA marketing years back, that should be more than 16 years ago, I never imaging that self earning clicking will emerged this time. I concluded that, the opportunity inside this self clicking is high.

So, with this you can earn a good leaving with your family just by performing simple task on CPA networks, Note: this method is not limited to CPAgrip only.

You can ASLO Apply it to all CPA Network

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