Earn $489+ in One Day with Free Mobile CPA Traffic! (CPA Marketing 2024)


Today’s Topic Is : Earn $489+ in One Day with Free Mobile CPA Traffic! (CPA Marketing 2024).

So guys, in the last 18 hours, I have generated $512.92 USD. Right over here, you can see I’m going to go ahead and reload the page.

I can see the money still remains exactly the same amount, $512.92 USD. Okay, I’m going to come up here and also click on the reload page so that you can see the same thing is still live.

Right over here in this video, I’m going to show you step by step how you can actually replicate the same exact strategy, and I’m going to go ahead and reveal to you guys what I did and how I implemented it so that I can make this money right over here, and you can make the same exact amount for yourself.


Free Mobile CPA Traffic


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Generating an IP Address with Asocks.com

So guys, the first thing you need is an IP address. This is why we are going to be using aso.com because ASO is a pro site provider.


You’re going to come to the Asocks.comĀ  and then go ahead and generate a valid professional IP that’s going to give you access to mobile networks, residential networks, or corporate organizational networks.


This network is one of the reliable networks that you can actually trust when you are self-clicking CPA offers, and you are not going to get detected. You’re not going to get caught, and your account is not going to get banned.


You can smoothly go ahead and continue to get a series of conversions to your CPA offer every single day. This is exactly what I did in order to make all my money on CPA grip.

Creating a New Port on Asocks.com

How can you actually create an IP on this site? If you come here on the sidebar, you can see ‘Create a New Port,’ and you can see right over here what you’re going to do is go ahead and select one of the port options.

The port options right here are basically mobile, residential, and corporate. I’m going to go ahead and uncheck these two, and what I’m going to do is allow this mobile to be checked because that is my target. The next thing is to come to the country section, and I’m going to go ahead and select all the countries.


Normally, what you have to do is to make sure you pick the offer first so that you know the actual country you are going to be performing the task in. The reason why you should go ahead and get the offer first is because sometimes, like for example, with United States offers, you will not get any offer to perform.


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So in that case, if you have already created an IP for the United States, you are going to be stranded. You don’t have to be stranded. What you’re going to do is to go ahead and first generate the offer from the CPA network.

Selecting Your Target Location

But before that, let me go ahead and show you exactly how you create this IP. Now over here, when you select United States, and then after selecting United States, you’re going to go ahead and select your own city or region.


Coming over here, you can select a region, and then you can now see various regions: New York, Brooklyn, Buffalo, Yonkers, and so many other cities right in this region. In my case, I will select Brooklyn. That is my target.

And then right over, you can see ‘Maintain Connection.’ I recommend this is the actual option that you need to select. Now we will find another nearby port from the same subnet mask or the same ASN for the end side.


It will look like you have changed IP, but you stayed with the same ISP, and it does not look suspicious. So this particular option is the one that is recommended.


Staying Safe on the Network

Going to actually keep you safe on the network because when you have a network breakout and unfortunately your IP changes, you are automatically going to be suspected by the CPA Network.


They will wonder why this is happening from this particular device. From that moment, they will begin to track your activity on that previous IP. Right over here, you can click on ‘Create Part.’

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Selecting the Offer to Self-Click

Okay guys, so right over here we are ready to go ahead and select the offer that we’re going to self-click. After logging into your dashboard, you will basically see a zero balance.

That is unfortunate, but you don’t need to allow that to weigh you down. In this process, you’re going to make sure you watch this video to the end because at the end of this video, you’re going to start seeing some dollars dropping right into today’s revenue every single second.

Accessing Country-Specific Offers

Now, coming over here, you’re going to see the country section. You’re going to click on it and then type ‘All Country.’ Once you select ‘All Country,’ you can actually get access to all the available country offers.

In fact, you will see all the offers in all the countries that are active on the CPA grip platform. However, this is not our interest because we are not going to be randomly selecting offers from all the countries.

We are going to be selecting one particular offer.


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Selecting Specific Offers

So, that is why I’m going to come to the category session and select ‘Other Pin Submit.’ For example, I will select ‘Pin Submit’ or select ‘Credit Card.’ You also have ‘Emails Submit’ or ‘Mobile Install,’ but let’s go ahead with ‘Pin Submit.’ If you select ‘Pin Submit,’ then you’re going to go ahead and select a specific device type that is suitable for the type of offer you want to perform.

Choosing Device Types (Free Mobile CPA Traffic)

In my case, we have the option to perform tasks regularly. This includes Android devices as well as desktop devices. Right over here, I’ve already selected all devices.

Let it be on all devices, so I’m going to come right over and you can see all the available pin submit offers and their associated payout.


If I click on the payout arrow tab here, you can see that it’s going to filter all the payouts. In fact, the highest payout of any of the pin submits that’s available is shown.

Reviewing Payouts (Free Mobile CPA Traffic)

So right here we have $22.25 for one offer, $20, $17, $13, and so on, $11, and so on. Basically, you can actually target randomly all the ones with high payouts. But whenever you’re targeting, you must focus on Desktop, Android, and Desktop, Android, and so on. Avoid this one, Apple iOS.

Focusing on Popular Devices

One of the reasons why I always focus on any of these two, either Android or Desktop, is because these are popular devices that almost every corporate organization recognizes.

If you go for iOS, not just a few people are using iOS. For example, if the percentage of iOS devices performing tasks on your account is higher than Android or Desktop, which are more general, it looks suspicious. That is why you’re going to make sure you focus on those ones.

Using a Landing Page

Once you grab, for example, this one offer, go ahead and put this offer on a landing page. I think I’ve treated the case of landing pages previously. Here is the main trick: simply because you cannot perform tasks without verifying this. This is the time zone.

Configuring Time Zone

Many of you guys will just jump in and start performing tasks simply because we have configured your system with one IP or another, but most of these IPs are fake.

They are not giving you the real information of that particular location. So right over here, you can see this information you are seeing here is my real information, and right over you can see my time zone: Africa/Lagos.

This is the actual location of my local time zone of my PC. Now, let me go ahead and show you how you can actually use this particular time zone detector to go.


Setting Up Your Time Zone for Free Mobile CPA Traffic

Ahead and after your time zone, after connecting your IP on your anti-detect browser, you have to do this before you can basically go ahead and start self-clicking this particular Free Mobile CPA Traffic offer.

Using an Anti-Detect Browser for Free Mobile CPA Traffic

So when you come straight to this anti-detect browser profile that I just opened right here, I’m going to go ahead and paste the time zone detector and I’m going to press the enter key right over here. I’m going to go ahead and close this, and then let’s scroll down here. Now, what can you see here? There’s a difference between this time zone and the previous time zone. My previous time zone was Africa/Lagos, but right over here you can see America/New York. This is the location that I am connected to based on the IP server that I am using. Remember, I told you it is a mobile IP for Free Mobile CPA Traffic.

Verifying Your Location for Free Mobile CPA Traffic

So, basically, this is what you have to do. This means that my location is active and I can safely go ahead and perform tasks and make money through Free Mobile CPA Traffic. At the end of the month, I withdraw nothing less than $2,000, $3,000, or $4,000, as the case may be, depending on how much I can actually accumulate every single day through Free Mobile CPA Traffic.

Calculating Monthly Earnings from Free Mobile CPA Traffic

So guys, right over here, if I calculate how much I make on a daily basis through Free Mobile CPA Traffic, for example, I have $512.92. If I go ahead and multiply it over 30 days, because I perform tasks every single day, you can see that I can actually withdraw a minimum of $115,000 every single month on this particular Free Mobile CPA Traffic network.

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