EASY- How to Make Money With CPA Self click 2024


I figured out how to Make Money With CPA Self click 2024 which is very simple to implement by just following my new Tips and trick that i will share in this Blog Post.

Every Day I make up to $600 just by self clicking with CPA offers, and I am using CPAgrip.com, and it converts very quickly.

My secrete is very easy to implement, that is why i want you to read this post till the END. You will learn how to Make Money With CPA Self click step by step.

Make Money With CPA Self click

CPA Self click Money?

CPA Self click Money! is the Money that you earn or commission that you got if an offer is promoted and converted, which you can now letter withdraw to you bank account through a foreign account e.g PayPal, Bitcoin wallet, USA Bank Account, Payoneer 


Let me share some of the screen shots of the type of account that you need to get ready before you can think of receiving your payment with any CPA network


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Start Earning

Any one who watch the video of self clicking method on YouTube always think of getting leads converting.

The road Map for earning money with CPA Self Click Method is the secrete that inside of you, only you can determine your earning potential even when you have the complete setup.


You need to first of all, 

  • Create a content locker or pick any offers from United State, because it convert faster and very simple to complete their offer.
  • Create a landing page that you will insert the link of the offers that you got at the beginning.
  • After creating a landing page, then move on to the NEXT Stage or Phase of the self clicking.

How Can You Get Paid

Before you can start thinking of how to get paid, you need to answer this questions?

  1.  can you perform CPA task without getting Band?.
  2. can you perform CPA task with a valid information such as, Valid Email and Phone Number?.
  3. Can you change your IP or Computer Location, to  be safe when performing CPA tasks.

All this questions are in your mind, So how do we resolve and fix the above issues? Click Here

Make Money With CPA Self click

The following steps on how to complete CPA task will be detailed below this Blog Post, with a full proof and road-map to accomplish the the success in it.


Go to any CPA platform that you want, such as CPAgrip, AdblueMedia(CPAbuild) e.t.c  to get offer that will convert that you can promote and make money very quickly.


Now let me show you how the first thing you’re going to do is to come right here either you come to monetization TOOLS session or you’re going to come here you’re going to see offer tool session

This is exactly where you need to get offer with different countries, it’s either you create a locker or we pick offer from United States or United Kingdom or any other country out there.

But one thing that I like most time is if I want to perform task with CPA marketing with self clicking, What I normally do is to target those offers that will pay me higher than every other offers.


All these offers you can actually go ahead and grab them, for example if you come right over here you click on this one that will pay you $20.

This particular one, if anyone try to complete offer for you just by engaging lonely people online then you’re going to be able to see how you can get enough money for yourself on your CPA dashboard.

Because once one convert meaning that you’re going to be making a whooping $20 every single day and as you can see that this offer was recently added you can see Switzerland offer, and this offer is a pin submit offer.

Every single lonely people online they’re already using a mobile phone that can actually convert quickly with your CPA Network.

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Now, You have gotten the offer you want to promote. Simply copy the link of that offer and take it to any landing page of your choice.


Let Start With CPA Self click

What I’m going to do is to help you find more website like this one that can actually go ahead and use it and connect with these lonely people to be able to make money with your CPA Network every single day


Create A Landing Page

Go to site.google.com it’s pretty simple if you want to create a landing page I always advise you guys to ensure that that you are not performing task on a naked link you need to create a landing page for this particular purpose okay and when you are creating your landing page it doesn’t really mean that your landing page need to be designed decorated it doesn’t really matter because you are the one performing task yourself so you don’t need to make it look fancy in order to attract Yourself by visiting





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