Part 4: How I SET-UP MY SYSTEM FOR CPA SELF CLICK To Make money online 2024


In this video, I showed the Part 4 of “How I SET-UP MY SYSTEM FOR CPA SELF CLICK, AND Make money online IN 2024)”, IF YOU FOLOW THIS SIMPLE STEPS you can be sure to BE making money with cpa marketing, the secrete to make money online faster than any other means online.

Part 4: How I SET-UP MY SYSTEM FOR CPA SELF CLICK To Make money online 2024 – YouTube

Advanced Strategies for Maximizing CPA Marketing

you have completed the task, but the offer did not convert. Do not move away from that offer because it is not done yet; the matter has not ended.

It is time for you to delve into that matter in-depth. In this video today, I’m going to reveal part four of how to set up your system in order for you to be able to make money with CPA marketing.

All you’re going to do is stay with me through this video to the end because any part that you skip, of course, you already know that you are going to be skipping something very important.


That is going to be helping you in the process, okay? Now, for those of you guys who have fun of not dropping like on the video after you’ve gotten value.

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So make sure you drop the like as soon as you get value from this video, okay? Now, without wasting much of your time, guys, let me take you straight into my screen and show you exactly what is happening and how you can be able to bypass all these processes and be able to set up your system for CPA marketing and make money legitimately every single day.

So, guys, as you can see on my screen right here, you can see that I’ve already generated $632 over here, and you can also do the same thing.

Of course, I do tell you guys that I am not the only one making money with CPA marketing. There are millions of people out there that are making so much.

Money guys on CPA network over here, you can see right here you can see $3,915. Okay, you can see this one $25, you can see this one $184.

There are millions of people, guys, that are making money every single day, and you can do the same thing just by knowing the actual thing that you are supposed to do in order for you to jump in and grab this money by for course.

Because if you think that you can just sit down and expect this money to drop, definitely it will not come, and that is why you must do anything possible to make sure that this money drops on your (02:11) dashboard.

Okay, so without wasting much of your time, guys, I don’t want to say much thing. Let’s quickly jump in right into the video.

Now you can see that this is the system that we have already started setting up all the way. We’ve set up part one, part two, and we’ve already set up part three.

In today’s video, we’re going to be talking about part four, how you can be able to set up your system in a dubious way that you’ll be able to make money with it with CPSL clicking without getting detected, without getting banned.

All the stories of getting detected and banned are going to be eliminated.

So now one of you guys actually drew my attention that you would like me to re-explain this particular tool, okay, mode header, okay, which is HTTP header request.

In my previous video, I actually talked about how you can be able to set this up. For example, if you pay attention right here, you can see we have one and two.

Each of these are different profiles, okay. So now if you want to create more profile like you want to create profile three, all you.


To proceed, all you need to do is to click on this plus button, ‘Add profile,’ and click on it. You’re going to see you have added another profile.

What is the main or major work of this particular plugin? Right now, remember we have created a profile on our browser.

You also need to redirect your HTTP request header. This is a JavaScript function. For those of you guys who are good in JavaScript, okay, coding, you’ll be able to understand better.

All right, now I’m going to get a tool that is going to request our HTTP header on our browser by the time we start performing tasks, so that you guys can see the full picture.

But basically, before you start performing your task, you must be able to identify which of the profiles you are connected to on your HTTP request header.

So, for example, if I perform one task with profile one, which is macro one, then you can see we have macro two.

Now, if I’m done performing tasks with this particular HTTP header, I’m going to perform another task. Okay, that same offer I want to perform, that is to repeat the same profile. Now, for example, I perform an offer.


For, credit cards submit Belgium that same offer I want to perform the task again for the second time so that I can make another money on that same offer.

I will switch to profile two, okay, and then I will give it a different name. Then, if I want to perform the same offer again, I’ll come back here.

I’ll switch to profile three. But in a situation where you want to perform a different offer, this offer is a credit card offer too, but it is coming from the United Kingdom.

It is no longer Belgian; this is a different offer, right? So what you’re going to do is to repeat the same profile you have already used.

So in a short sentence, you can repeat the same profile on an unrelated offer that you want to perform, okay, multiple times.

But if it is the same offer, then all you’re going to do is to be changing your profile over time. So that’s exactly what this HTTP request header is doing.

But in this video, guys, I am going to be explaining plugin one, plugin two, and then plugin three. These three plugins are going to be dealt with them, okay, very seriously so that you can actually understand it now, first and foremost.

If you have set up your system like this and you have copied the offer you want to perform, if you copy the upper link and paste it here and begin to perform, that is wrong because you are actually using the data from your local computer system, all right? And that is very risky.

So what you’re going to do is to come here and click on this agent user agent, okay? And then you have to choose which operating system that has its own user agent already configured on it.

For example, if the offer you want to perform is a desktop offer, you’re going to come here and click on this one, okay? It’s a Chrome browser and it’s a Windows 10 operating system, which is a desktop offer.

But in the case where you want to perform a task for an Android phone, you’re going to come here and then you select Android, okay? When you select Android like this, you’re going to see Android 13, Android 12, okay? We have so many Android versions that you can actually use.

In my own case, what I normally do is that I will make sure that I scroll down to the minimum Android version, okay? Most of these Android versions that were introduced many years ago, some of them do not have most of the security tasks that probably will up your security level to be able to track you.

So that is why I always make sure I come down a bit and look for the minimum, okay? The lowest Android version. Right here, you can see that I have Android version 7.


I’ll go ahead and grab that one; that is what I normally do. Then, I’ll go ahead and click on “apply to all,” okay? Once you do this, your operating system automatically presents the Android version operating system.

Whenever you want to do another task, we are going to make sure that you switch from this particular Android version. Now, there are some cases where you perform a task, and the offer did not convert.

What can you do in that situation? This is a general problem. Now, if you have picked this particular version of Android and you have performed the task, the offer did not convert, don’t go away from that offer.

It is not done yet; the matter has not ended. It is time for you to jump into that matter in-depth and make sure that there’s conversion in that offer before you get away from it.

So, you are going to come here and scroll down, okay? Let’s look for a lower Android version or a higher Android version. You can see there’s another lower one, 6.


You’re going to go ahead and click on it and then click on apply on that same offer, refresh your browser once more, and then you’re going to discover the magic that is going to happen.

That offer is going to convert immediately with all cost. So that is why I always tell you guys that you have to be algorithmic in thinking every single time that you are performing this task because this is logic, alright? No one is going to do it for you.

It is you who will do it for yourself. And some of you guys may think that maybe honey will fall from Heaven on you when you are performing the task.

It will never fall unless, unless you are using your brain, alright? So now let’s forget about this two, this particular plugin.

I think this is enough. If you have gotten value from this, drop a like and then make sure that you distribute this video.

There are a lot of people that are out there, are willing to get this video, right? Go ahead and share it with them. It is very important, and that is my purpose, that is my reason for making this video in more in-depth because so many of you.

Guys have asked me to explain in detail what is happening behind the scene, and that is the work I’m doing here.

So, the only work that I want you to do for me is to just ensure that you share the video with your friends, anyone you know out there that is interested in making money but has tried for so many years, and it’s not working for them.

Go ahead and begin to share it with them for free. Don’t charge them; don’t collect anything from them. Just make sure you share it with them so that they will also benefit from this video. All right, so let’s move on to the next two.

The next two are WTC, all right, that is Web RC, okay, Leak Shield. That is the name of the software or the plugins.

Now, this is a confusion that most of you guys don’t understand because if you do not explain to this level, some of you guys will jump in and begin to pom pom pom without knowing what we’re doing.

All right, so basically, if you come here, you’re going to see “turn off shed,” and you’re going to see “run DNS leak test.” You’re going to see, run web RC leak test now.

If you pay attention closely below this, you’re going to see that your IP is indicating green. This means that you are safe, okay? That your IP you are connected to is at least 100% secured.

One of the insecurity levels that we always check when we’re performing some of these tasks is, okay, Micro Hustle said, “Check your security score.”

Okay, okay, my score is one, my score is two, my score is seven, my score is two. It’s not up to 12 or even higher than 12, doesn’t matter, okay?

What you’re going to do before you do those checkups is to ensure that your well RC is not leaking your IP. Because no matter how, if your IP leaks and your IP level score is seven, for example, you are already on the safe side.

But do you know that at every single point in time, your IP might change? So, for some of you who are using random proxy, okay, or rotational proxy, you discover that for 5 minutes or for 10 minutes, even 5 minutes is too long, sometimes 30 seconds, your IP will automatically change from what you’re using before to another IP that is coming from the company you are using.

So that’s why I don’t know most of the IPs you guys are using. But when you find this kind of situation, this software will be able to enable you to detect which of the IPs have changed and is leaking, okay? And then you have to protect it because if it leaks, you’re already in a mess, okay?

So, how can you do this? Sometimes you might discover that your own, if you click on this one, you can see your IP is visible through web RC. This means it is leaking, but if you turn it.


On and, you discover that your IP is not leaking, so you can go ahead and check every other level and begin to perform your task.

Okay, then the last software here that we’re going to be talking about in this video is basically this particular tool, history and cache cleaner.

All right, now how do you use this particular plugin when you want to perform your task? It is pretty easy. Okay, to perform your task, the thing if your profile has been created, like as you can see here.

Now what I’m going to do is to come here, first of all, click on the history cash cleaner, and then if you go ahead and click on clear, you are just deceiving yourself. It is not done like this.

What you’re going to do before you click on the clear button is to come to the settings here, and then when you come to the settings, you have all the necessary information that you need to set up before you can clean your system.

You can see automatically reload active tab after cleaning, okay? So you can go ahead and check it up, and then the next I’m going to do is to go ahead.

And say data to remove, okay, can say app catch you click on it. I see catchy click on it, cookie click on it, all right.

Then you can see download; you can forget about that; it’s not important. You are not downloading any information, all right.

Then file system can see form data can see index DB local storage plug-in data can say password; you can forget about these ones, okay? They’re not relevant, all right.

Now you can come down again, time period how long that you want to clear your caty. Sometimes you must have performed tasks today and this is your last offer you performed and you forgot to clear your cash the next day you want to perform a task.

So how can you probably clear your cache of the previous day or even within the range of 24 hours so that’s why I always prefer to use everything so it doesn’t matter how long you have stayed, okay? Then the next thing you’re going to do is to come back here and close this button is already done, all right.

Come back here close the button, we’re done, right? Then close this button again and then come back again and click on it.

This is the time you’re going to go ahead and click on, clear browser data. Okay, once you do this you are already on the safe side.

This is exactly the process of configuring your system legitimately on this regard.

I’m going to be coming up with another strategy on how to set up your system with more plugins that are also more sophisticated that will enable you to go ahead and configure your system on the safer mode so that it can be safe whenever you’re performing your task with CPA network.

If you notice I am not Performing task because I want to ensure that you guys are able to understand the entire system setup.

Some of you guys are dropping comments asking me to combine all the steps they are processing and put them in one video so that everything will be fast.

We want to start making money as fast as possible. That is because you don’t want to learn; you are looking for a faster way.

If you are looking for a faster way to make it, then why did you ask me to show you the process of how I set up my system?

Because that is the major purpose I have to listen to your comment, listen to your request, listen, listen to whatever you guys want before starting this particular series of this video.

All right, so if you really want me to make everything in one video, which is not definitely going to be possible, then why did you now ask me to do it? That is why I want you guys to be patient for those who are very reasonable.

Okay, go ahead and follow this process, and in case if you have any questions, drop a comment in the comment section. I’m going to be more than happy to answer all your questions, I’m going to be more than happy to answer all your questions.

This is Micro Hustle TV. In case you want to join my one-on-one mentorship training course on CPA marketing, where I will hold you by hands and walk you through all the necessary processes and every single thing that you want in order for you to go ahead and implement CPA self-clicking and make money to your dashboard, go ahead and send me a WhatsApp message.

It’s right there on the screen, okay? In my previous videos, you cannot see it in this video right now, and then go ahead and drop a like, guys.

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